1. Felt like drawing dragons and all. 

  2. Earthling Coffee Workshop

  3. Dot cafe.

  4. Crash and fall. 

  5. 320.

  6. Drawing some strangers having their dinner. 

  7. Afternoon on the balcony.

  8. "The older you get, the longer your hair, then you cease to maintain it."

  10. "Airstrip."

  11. Dr. Sketchy cabaret life drawing session with Petalsfallen. 

    From top: 2 minute poses, 5 minute poses, 10 minute poses and 20 minute poses.

  12. "Stray thread."

  13. "13, 1.3 (654x2). B, series. REW, sequential twin turbo."

  14. "I don’t know. Go bathe in flowers, maybe," he said.

  15. Long walks, longer conversations, and the ashes are on my dresses.